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Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Show NYC, NY September 7th.

Well, where to begin?  I have loved Paramore since 2008 (shame on me) and The Swellers since 2009 (shame on me again).  Both are my favorite bands of all timeeee.  A lot come close (blink, JEW, boxcar), but these two are just something else in my book.  Their lyrics, their sound, their everything.  Their music has changed my life, period.  Without it I have no idea where I’d be.  This was my…5th time seeing the Swellers, 4th time seeing Paramore, and first time seeing everyone else.

Now to see them both, plus fun, the stereo, and this providence in NYC….now that was amazing.  I wish I had a better word than amazing to describe tonight.  How about, fucking magical.  It was though.  Imagine your two favorite bands, music you have cried to, music that made you think, or music that has made a major impact on you, you get to see from TWO of your favorite bands in one night.  Plus awesome other bands.

This providence -  they didn’t like the crowd clapping during their set (boo hoo) but they played well.  I thought it was rude of the lead singer to ask the guy to stop clapping but w.e.  *shrugs*  Their set was ok, I would have enjoyed an electric set better though as I’ve heard them like that before.

The Swellers -  they had a very short amount of time, it seemed, compared to fun and the stereo, but Nick talked for a bit between songs, which he normally doesn’t do often, so that maybe cut out a song.  Although it was short, it was amazing!   I hate going to a show where people aren’t into a band, like this one, not a lot of people were into the swellers, at least before they played, but it’s always good to see new fans come about.  So that’s a good and a bad thing about it not being a headliner spot.  They played “Inside My Head” which I got to see once, but I’ve been dying to see it again and they played it second, right after they opened with “Runaways”.  It’s one of my favorite songs and I would have been happy if they ended right there!  They then played “The Damage” which is another favorite of mine off their new album “Good For Me”.  So now I was extra extra happy, the night only got better too.  They then played “Sleeper” which I feel like is a very catchy and easy to like song, so I was glad they played it for an audience that was made up of mostly Paramore fans.  The song doesn’t sound like Paramore at all, but it’s one of their more accessible songs.  They also did these epic pauses in it and they fucking killlllllled it!  I was floored at how good it was, I’ve only seen them play it once before too.  They also played “Feet First” which is always tied as my favorite song by them, I mean, what’s better than hearing your favorite song?  At this point I was just fucking smiling from ear to ear.  Then after “The Best I Ever Had” and “Fire Away” they played “2009” last like usual, but this time it was different. 

I feel like they were trying to make their mark with their final song.  You could tell Nick’s voice was a little hoarse from the non stop touring they have been doing, but man, he fucking pulled out the megaphone vocal chords for 2009!!  Also, it seemed like their instruments were all turned up to “fucking loud as hell” during the song.  Everyone went crazyyyyyyyy!! Stage diving and moshing were rampant the whole set, which was fucking awesome to see.  It was an awesome moment and I hope FBR realizes this band deserves all the support they have given them and MORE!!

The Stereo - I read a little bit about the band when the “reunion show” was in the works for the FBR15.  Low and behold they got pushed to the night I was going and am glad!  They were awesome punk rock and they sounded like they were still 20 but they are probly in their 40’s.  They did the no-nonsense set where they introduced themselves, thanked fbr, and then rocked out for however many songs straight.  At one point the singer pointed out a girl who was about to puke and said “help her out! she’s about to throw up” lol  Sometimes it doesn’t work for punk rock groups to do a set without banter/talk because then all the songs sound the same, but The Stereo had songs that stood out and they didn’t blen all together into a plate of mush.  I liked them a lot and they had great stage presence.

Fun. - I heard of fun a little while back where the lead singer and Hayley interviewed each other and it was hilarious.  I told myself I would check them out but I never did. (one of those things :/)  Then Kayla put a song of theirs “Be Calm”, on a mix that she gave me.  I loved it!  I still didn’t check out their other stuff (I know, shoot me now) so tonight was awesome to see other stuff from them finally.  They started off with a really beat-heavy song that I don’t know the name, but I’d sure like to find it!  all of their songs were fun.  When people ask me what they sound like that’s what I say, fun.  It’s most likely why they picked the name fun in the first place.  They were awesome tonight!

Paramore -  Now where do I begin with this?!  My absolute favorite band ever when I discovered their existence back in 2008 (I knowwww, late to the party ok?) until I came across The Swellers.  They played msot of my favorite songs so it was an instant night of awesomeness.  They opened with “Careful” which I recorded :) and it was beautiful.  THEN, as I was picking my jaw up from the floor a guitar made a noise that sounded like the tuning of “For a Pessimist” so I looked up and was like…..”Pessimist!!!” and the girl next to me gave me this look like “wtf dude they are just standing there…”  Next thing you know, they broke out into For a Pessimist and I went nutssss!  One of, if not my favorite song by them.  They had so much energy and they just blew everyone away at this point, two songs in.  Some other highlights of their set, bc let’s be honest, if I said everything I liked about the set we’d be here for days ok? but some of the highlights were:  the acoustic songs, My Heart, In The Mourning, Pressure, Looking Up, Monster, and Renegade!!!

I had a feeling they were gonna play Renegade b/c it being the 15th anniversary, it could be their last show of the year (which it is btw) and it being in NYC, ect.  After ummm…I think it was after the acoustic bit, and then the break, they played Renegade third from last.  It. was. amazing.  The catchy guitar part that everyone heard before through youtube was surprisingly only in the song twice.  The song is really driven by the lyrics and then Hayley’s voice just going off the friggin charts.  Some lines I heard entirely were “I’m a renegade it’s in my blood.” (hayley points to her veigns)  and “I’m a renegade, I always was.” (which ends the song)  At one part Hayley screams what I think is “you runaway” 6 times louder and louder, which could be totally wrong.  BUT, it left me with chills everywhere, it was just so crazy and amazing.  Paramore didn’t play LTFB or Where the lines overlap, but being there when they played Renegade for the first time EVERRRR made up for not playing those and more.

They then played “brick by boring brick” which imo is a greatly written song and every time I hear it live I feel “proud” of Hayley’s writing ability and the band as a whole.  The crowd also gets to get into with the “badah bop ba baha…”  They ended with “Misery Business” and brought up a girl to help finish it!  Always sooooo awesome to see them do it and I saw the girl later (Julie, I think) and congratulated her on getting picked lol.

All in all, I will never ever forget this night.  I could go on for days about how fuckign amazing it was but I need some sleep now.  Here are the best pics I got from the show.  I don’t think any dream I have can top tonight….what an amazing night it was :D

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