This blog is dedicated to the punk/alternative/whatever rock band The Swellers.
January 19th
12:07 AM

The Swellers


The Swellers

May 5th
7:49 PM

The Swellers - This Is My Everest - Live@ Luxor, Cologne

As you can see in this video, the first 3 rows were almost dead. Behind them, we had quite a lot of fun!

7:46 PM

The Swellers - The Best I Ever Had - Live@ Luxor, Cologne

Nick jumps into the crowd at 2:00. This should also give you an impression of what the crowd was like basically all the time!

also, huge thanks to my friend Miriam who filmed this!!

May 1st
6:46 PM

Even more videos of their set at Groezrock:

Fire Away

The Best I Ever Had


January 2nd
12:11 PM
December 29th
12:30 PM

The Swellers - By A Thread - Live (2011)

December 17th
12:01 AM

The Swellers - By A Thread - Live (Cologne, 12/10/11)

I finally uploaded the videos my friend Miriam took at the show in Cologne. They can be found HERE

Seeing them play this song live was… fucking amazing! (You might have recognized that I absolutely love this song. Well, I guess I’m not the only one who does)

- Hannah

December 7th
4:51 PM

The Swellers - Runaways (Sheffield, Dec 3rd 2011)


December 4th
2:52 AM

The Swellers on Flickr.


The Swellers on Flickr.